Signature Events

QT Pie: A Queer, Trans, and LGBTQ+ Campus Welcome

QT (Queer and/or Trans) Pie is pronounced "cutie pie," and is both the title of our welcome event and an affirmation at UC Berkeley for our community.  This annual partnership between the Gender Equity Resource Center (GenEq), the Queer Alliance and Resource Center (QARC), and the UNITY Theme Program brings our 40+ students and staff organizations together for a resource fair, workshops on queer life, and for key note speakers at UC Berkeley. 

Oakland Pride Parade & Festival

In September, the UNITY Theme Program works with the Cal Alumni Association and the Gender Equity Resource Center to host a contingent of alumni, students, faculty, staff, and friends in our local community pride parade and festival.  For many of our students, this is their first experience with a pride festival and this event opens their eyes to the wealth of resources and organizations in our local community supporting sexual and gender minorities.  

Folsom St. Fair

As a massive Kink fair with individuals from all over the world, this experience allows students to learn about sexual quirks that are often ignored or too “taboo” to discuss. Not only is it a great opportunity to learn about the diversity present in San Francisco, as it also promotes a healthy understanding of kinks they may have been previously unaware of, in order to develop an accepting mindset.

LGBT History Month

Throughout the entirety of LGBT History Month, the Resource Center posts images of Icons in the LGBT community- including descriptions of the roles they served- around the campus dining halls and shares the narratives of these queer leaders in campus newsletters. This helps to promote awareness regarding the impacts which queer and trans individuals have had in our everyday lives, not only to inform our UNITY community but aiming to inform the student body as a whole.

Historic Castro Excursion

Students visit Castro Street in order to explore the LGBTQ+ Historical Museum, visit the SF Pride Center, as well as explore the variety of sex-positive attractions the Castro has to offer. This is a great opportunity to learn more about the history of the LGBTQ+ community in San Francisco, and to immerse students in the Queer positive atmosphere promoted in this unique area of the city.

Faculty & Staff Coming Out Panel

Each year our UNITY Resource Center brings in faculty and staff to share their narratives of coming out and how it has affected their lives.   This space provides students with a really great way to learn more about the larger campus queer community, network with faculty and staff, and hear about a scope of issues people generally face in the coming out process. 


Each fall, the UNITY Resource Center sponsors an ally-building event called Tie-Diversity.  This event allows members of the community to come together, sign a pledge of inclusion, and celebrate a breadth of diversity within our residential communities.  Residents have the opportunity to experience the art of tye-dye as well and leave with a more colorful wardrobe than when they arrived.   

Sex in the Dark

This annual event is a partnership between UNITY Theme Program, our health workers, and Good Vibrations, a local community-based sex positive organization.  Sexperts from Good Vibrations host a glow-in-the-dark conversation on sex and answer students anonymous questions ranging from consent, bodies, masturbation, communication, sex toys, lubrication, and more. 

Bay Area American Indian Two-Spirits Pow Wow

In the spring semester, UNITY Theme Program joins with the Native American Theme Program in a documentary screening and excursion to stand in solidarity with the Bay Area American Indian Two-Spirit community. This annual Pow-Wow forum showcases spiritual, cultural, and artistic expression that aims to restore and recover the role of Two-Spirit people within Native American communities. 

Cal Day

UC Berkeley's annual public open house allows prospective students the opportunity to explore the campus and all that it has to offer.  Each year, the UNITY Theme Program organizes opportunities for students to explore our living learning community.  Students table in both Sproul Plaza with the other Theme Programs and provide information to prospective students who visit Unit 3 for tours.  As a part of the spring academic curriculum, students develop legacy projects that are showcased for prospective students and their families.  

UNITY Spring Leadership Retreat

Each spring, UNITY hosts a Leadership Retreat.  In 2018, UNITY joins the Global Environmental Theme House (GETH) and Resident Faculty Kate O'Neill for an excursion deep into the wilderness of Yosemite National Park.  Students will have the opportunity to form new relationships, explore exemplary practices of leadership, and bond on a fun trip in mother nature outside the confines of the Berkeley bubble.  


Campus Drag Show

In the spring semester, UNITY hosts our largest annual signature event, the Campus Drag Show in partnership with the Residence Hall Assembly (RHA), Queer Alliance and Resource Center (QARC), the National Residence Hall Honorary (NRHH), and our partners in Health Promotions. This event showcases a variety of gender expansive talent from students across our campus and features select performances from professional drag performers Karma Electra (Headmistress of UNITY) and Honey Mahogany (RuPaul's Drag Race).