Q-Tips for Health & Wellness

Our UNITY Interns and UNITY Health Worker work together to produce periodic Q-Tips for Queer and Trans Wellness. These tips promote healthy personal and residential community practices, including self-care, risk management and use of university health care services.









Meet the UNITY Health Worker

Hello everyone! My name is Tomas Herrero. I will be your UNITY health worker this year. I am a first year Nutritional Sciences major. This is my first year living in such a diverse and open community, and I am excited to continue engaging with all of you with an effort to perpetuate such a welcoming community. As a student, I know how important health is to academic and social success. More importantly, I know how poor health can manifest itself in the worst of ways, compromising our goals here as learners almost entirely. Therefore, it is my intention to foster an environment of physical and mental health so that we may all thrive in the path we chose here at Berkeley. In order to do this, I look forward to getting to know all of you much better, and assuring you my door is always open to any concerns (health related or not).