The UNITY internship is a unique opportunity to build future leaders of our queer community. Aimed at first-year students, this program provides training for leading an organization, planning events, and providing educational resources to the Berkeley Residential Halls and wider queer community. This education at an early stage in their college career prepares them to create change on the campus level and beyond. In addition, the internship fulfills the UNITY program requirement for Contextual Education. Applications are released at the start of the fall semester unless openings become available. 

UNITY Resource Center Projects

The UNITY Resource Center helps to facilitate internship opportunities for the Theme Program members to get involved in the greater community and get a chance to work on projects that mean something to them and the Queer and Trans community.

Current Projects:

Queer and Trans Prom- A couple of UNITY interns are currently helping to organize and support the first Queer and Trans Prom for UC Berkeley! QT Prom is being hosted by GRL and QARC and hopes to celebrate the beauty, diversity, and pride of Cal’s LGBTQ+ community. It aims to provide a second chance for those whose high school experience didn’t give them the prom that High School Musical promised. We hope to reclaim the narrative and transform it into a celebration of community that makes each and every person feel like prom royalty.

Research Project- One of the interns is focused on Queer Leadership and conducting field research to collect and organize crucial data. They have also conducted interviews from Queer and Trans leaders on Campus for information.


Queer Speed Friending- A few of the interns are organizing a queer speed friending event to promote community building and affirmation. 


Donations- One of the interns is collecting donations for the Suit Case Clinic.


Creating Space- One of the interns is interested in creating and holding space for Non-Binary, introverted folx to be in community together.


Drag Show- Every year we have a cohort of interns dedicated to planning and putting on the annual Unity Drag Show! This year the team dedicated their work to create an inclusive, diverse, and intersectional platform for the art of Drag and Gender performance. The team creates the show from scratch including theme, decorations, execution, logistics, and more! They also hosted various Pre-Show events to create a more accessible pathway for folx interested in Drag who worried it wasn't acceptable for them to perform. This year, over 500+ people attended to celebrate Drag and QT Culture. 

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Resource Consolidation- The Center has also been working to create a list of consolidated resources specific to the community members from across campus and the Bay Area.

Sexual Health and Wellness- One of the interns has been focused on finding and creating sexual health and wellness resources specific to Queer and Trans folk and advocation for education on these topics. They also hope to create events, programming, and education for Queer and Trans folk.