Explorations in Topics of 

Sexual and Gender Diversity

Course Description

This course is designed to provide students with an introductory exploration of issues of sexuality and gender through community-centered praxis, democratic education, and dialogue. In a culturally and socially diverse society, discussion of differences is needed to facilitate understanding and build relationships among people, as well as to bring awareness to and address social inequities. Through this course, students will explore their own and others’ narratives in various social and institutional contexts, while learning from each other’s perspectives in the community. Students will also explore ways of taking action to engage in social justice work and create social change at the interpersonal, community, and institutional levels. Course learning will be enhanced through readings, videos/films, reflections, contextual education, and a final synthesis paper.


Learning Outcomes

By the end of the semester, students who critically engage, challenge, and apply themselves in the course will be able to:

• raise their critical self-awareness and their social awareness of promoting diversity and/or perpetuating discrimination related to diverse sexual & gender identities;

• reflect upon their own experiences and identity and relate that experience to others’ through discussion & writing;

• demonstrate the ability to analyze critical global issues from an informed perspective;

• practice dialogic communication skills (e.g. speaking, listening, suspending judgment, and exploring assumptions) within and across social identities;

• participate in activities that build positive community through understanding and collaboration    within a diverse group; and

• demonstrate leadership skills through facilitation, programming, or scholarship through democratic education.