Bridging the Curricular and Co-Curricular Experiences in

Sexuality & Gender Education

Mission Statement

The Unity Theme Program is a living-learning community that promotes identity exploration and community engagement through a lens of gender and sexual diversity and challenges students to engage issues affecting the most marginalized members of the LGBTQ+ community. With help from the academic seminar, residential experience, and resource center, the program specializes in strong community and leadership development, activism, and education while providing resources and support in a queer and trans community space. For a more in-depth look at the program, please visit us at unitythemeprogram.com or contact us at unitytp@berkeley.edu

Our program supports gender-inclusive room assignments and centers the living space around community building and holistic wellness. The academic curriculum is focused on transformative dialogues and is facilitated through our contextual education program which promotes community involvement and advocacy. Professional staff, campus partners, and a live-in theme program resident assistant partner with the students to provide resources and support as the community explores themes of intersectionality, social justice, and the complexities of holding queer and trans identities in society, especially with intersecting identities such as race, age, dis/ability, gender, class, sexuality, etc. Students are expected to adhere to community agreements, values, and principles to cultivate education while acknowledging the lived experiences of those involved in the discussion.

Students also participate in retreats, socials, community outreach and activities, event planning, and advocacy work to have a meaningful impact on the greater Queer and Trans community at Cal. Unity students learn about identity, leadership and activism, make deep friendships, develop connections to community, and gain valuable skill sets and knowledge to begin building a strong foundation for their time here at UC Berkeley.

Educational Priority

The UNITY Theme Program and Residential Education partner with students to develop engaged, inclusive, and socially responsible communities of scholars.


Campus Drag Show

UNITY's 12th Annual Drag Show took place on Thursday April 4th, 2019! 

It took place in Pauley Ballroom with doors opening at 6:30!

This year our organizing committee's mission was to create an intersectional and inclusive platform for the art and performance of gender through Drag. Historically, Drag has been sensationalized in popular media as an exclusive art form that excluded a vast array of identities; we hope to change/dismantle that!



UNITY Theme Program

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